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Resource Points Empty Resource Points

Post by Ainn on Fri Apr 02, 2010 5:43 pm

As Dudest pointed out in the village chat, there is now a use for resource points; Mahjong Matches. The price for a match is 10, (+5 for each other RP game bought same day) which equals 1/3 of a Basic Resource (=30 RP) or 1/8 of an Advanced Resource (=80 RP) in Resources Points for one game daily.

So the main question is whether or not we should start giving out RP either randomly, gifting or giving a share of incoming resources in RP.

Suggestion 1
One way for give out RP to villagers is to give them a percentage of the resources they gathers (example by milling contracts)

Suggestion 2
Another way is to include RP in Raffles, either in the allready existing or in seperate raffles

Suggestion 3
Or we can give the profit of the incoming resources out evenly among all villagers.

There is of course other methodes of giving out RP, but that is what we need a discussion for.
Personaly I like any of these suggestion pretty much equally.

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Resource Points Empty Re: Resource Points

Post by Dudest on Sat Apr 03, 2010 10:46 am

Thanks for getting this started, Ainn. I liked your first suggestion, and had two more ideas of my own...

Suggestion 4
Give out resource points instead of giveaway tickets. Replace the giveaway system with the spare Kaiju drop going to whoever made the most attacks and needs the drop. I have an alt in a village that does this and I liked how you were very likely to get a Kaiju you went all out on. Makes getting second highest damage a little less painful.

Suggestion 5
Give out resource points instead of giveaway tickets. Replace the giveaway system with placing prices on the Kaiju drops in resource points, so you can give them back to the village instead of buying Mahjong games. Pricing could be tricky, and we'd need an auction system for if several people want to buy the same drop. This also assumes these points can be given back, I don't know how tradable they are.

Some comments...
-We can exchange an advanced resource for three basic resources once a day, so if we plan we should be able to get 90 resource points instead of 80.
-We should figure out how many resources we need a week to keep the village going, and thus what fraction of resources we can spare for these resource points. I think it's 8 basic resources to summon a Kaiju and we may need to do that 7 days a week, so if we make sure we keep at least 56 a week we should be good, right?
-One concern I have about giving out resource points instead of raffle tickets is that there may be villagers who are not interested in Mahjong as much as they are Kaiju drops and I'd hate them to stop doing village chores because they are not as interested in the new rewards.
-I'm also concerned that naito already seems a little overwhelmed with the giveaways, and this may add more bookkeeping for him. Maybe a member of the village council could track these points if we make a new system for them?
-Your suggestion 3 seems very fair but I'm concerned about idlers, people who don't play Mahjong, and people who join and quit after a couple days could mean we waste a lot of resources.


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Resource Points Empty Re: Resource Points

Post by billdoors on Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:37 am

# 3 seems fair, but as Dudest mentioned there are reasons why it could be a bad idea. I think we can safely dismiss #3. Beyond that, I think we should also consider the inherent value of the RP themselves. Are they good for anything other than mahjong games, or will they be if not now? For the time being their use seems strictly related to playing mahjong, in which case the means of distributing them should take into account only those players who will actually want to use them for that purpose. It would be a waste, and frankly a little unfair, if, for example, a player new to the game were to be given RP instead of more immediately useful permanent items in reward for his participation in village life.

So, from where I'm standing right now, 1 and 5 seem the most viable. However, as Dudest mentioned in his comments, we should also consider how many average resources we can count on seeing and consuming a week outside of generating RP. #5 assumes that the raw resources we generate will generally outstrip our daily consumption. If that isn't usually the case, then it might be difficult to sustain such a system, especially considering how it effects our current prize giveaway system. On the other hand, I think the same problem applies to #1. We would have to determine what percentage of resources we could "return" to the players without leaving the village short-changed, while also balancing the need to give a fair return to the player.

...Good ideas so far, gentlemen. Let's see what everybody else has to say.

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Resource Points Empty Re: Resource Points

Post by Phaethon on Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:52 am

I think #2, where you mix in RP alongside regular kaiju drops (and other stuff like runes, spare 7s trophies, etc) takes care of the issue of idlers, those who don't wish to play Mahjong, and will, in time, establish a valuation for them relative to kaiju drops. Also, it looks like the option with the least additional overhead for the village leader, which is a plus.


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Resource Points Empty Re: Resource Points

Post by naito on Sat Apr 03, 2010 9:33 pm

One thing that I would like to add while I am thinking about the suggestions is that McMasters dislikes hoarding. He wants more invasions and in tier 3 there are practically none. Resource Points can not be turned back to Resources and from what I see can not be given back to the village. If I was in McMasters place I would be planing some resource intensive upgrades or better additional uses for Resource Points for after the resource stores are already depleted. I do not think we need to be caution, I just wanted to give some of my thoughts on future content.


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Resource Points Empty Re: Resource Points

Post by Sponsored content

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