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Stamina guide

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Stamina guide Empty Stamina guide

Post by Lear on Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:08 pm

EDUT list:
1- Fixed GP stamina to 250
2- Added Ainn's contribution to list
3- Added in possibility of second favor
4- Moved certain bonuses (notably Legacy and Awesome) down a bit to reflect that you could choose to forgo the stamina boosters from those.
5- Bumped # of GPs up to 6, which I think is the max possible. (w/o bargletron that is. Bargletron would bump it up to 9, if my math is correct)
6- Added +10 Stamina for Patrolling.

Because it was requested. These are MY stamina boosters by the way. I know there are more that I don't have, but this should cover about 95% of everything. If any of my math or information is wrong, let me know, and it'll be fixed. Also, feel free to let me know which boosters I'm missing. I'm just too lazy atm to go through and find the boosters I still need and add them to the list.

Base: 230
Sannin: 250
Trade Lvl. 3: -30
Glitch-from-long-time-ago-desu: +10

Items: +176
Kaiju Momento: + 30
Five Rings: +10
Swallowtail Butterfly: +10
Sandwich Dispenser: +5
Mark of the 11DB: +11
Dog Collar: +10
Professors Hat: +10
Sevens Trophy: +10
Monster Mask: +10
Pika Bike: +20
Suvived the Impossible: +20
Heck Buttefly: +10
Persocom: +10

Village: 130
Immortal Realm: +30
Tasty Ramen Shop: +10
Ninja-Mas Tree: +20
Tofu Shop: +20
LCL: +10
Medical Ninja Facility: +20
Kaiju Corpse: +10
Crafting Workshop: +10

Village Actions: 10
Patrol (Forum Mods): +10

Team: 100
LisaLisa Lvl. 2: +40
Ninja Love Ally: +40
Third Stamina Ally: +20

Main Page Codes: 110
BvS Video Challenge: +30
AnimeCubed Bonus Code: +80

Arena: 50
Warriors High: +50

Ramen: 200
Daily Ramen: +100
10x cost Ramen: +100

Kaiju Fighting*: 30
First attack: +20
Second attack: +10
Third attack: +-0

Bingo: -10
Bingo cost: -50
Trade Lvl. 3: +30
Venus: +10

Total thus far: 1026 Daily Stamina

Conditional Bonuses: 0 to 115
Lab Coat: +0 to +45
Karmic Enhancer: +0 to +50
r00t**: +0 to +20-ish

Themes: 20 to 50***
Killer Montage: +0 to +50
Hey Hey We're the Ninja: +0 to +20

Bloodine: 0 to 75
Legacy: +75
Not-Legacy: +0

Awesome: 0 to 90
Unflagging Endurance Lvl. 1: +20
Unflagging Endurance Lvl. 2: +50
Unflagging Endurance Lvl. 3: +90

Total w/out consumables, etc: 1046-1356 Daily Stamina

Other Potential Bonuses: Varies
Consumables: +0 (running PW) to +80 (4 Tasty Tonics) to +1500 (6 Gold Potions)
7/14/21 Day Bonus: +100
Darts Win: +100 to +200
Favor: +300 to +600
Z-reward: +200
Vacation: +0 to +166
Juice: -whatever (previous day downtime) to +80 (w/BillyClub)
BillyClub: +50
Boosters: +100 to +300
NinjaMas Tree: +20 to +100
Write it Down: +20

*Strawberry Sundae w/Lab Coat + Tiretracks = 35 stamina back per fight. Splitting the cost for an average (ie. first attack = 15 stamina cost), gives calculations used avove.

**Some r00t missions drop small stamina amounts. On days where I'm just running my free r00t actions, this basically means I get another 10 stamina on average. (I did not likewise include the +20 stamina AA-tai events because a.) it's requires that you're actually running AA ranks, and b.) I don't generally think of that as daily stamina since it occurs in the middle of farming, rather than before.)

***I did not include Write it Down here because I was going for bonuses you'll have a good portion of the time, and (at least for me) Write it Down almost always gets replaced by Money for Nothing. On the other hand, nearly everyone in the village should be running a stamina Opening Theme 95% of the time, and the few exceptions don't need this guide.

Thanks to Ainn for contributing with stuff I forgot.

Last edited by Lear on Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:52 am; edited 8 times in total


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Stamina guide Empty More Stamina Guide

Post by Ainn on Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:06 pm

It's a nice post and it give a clue how to max out your Stamina

Just a little addition to the list1
Some Other Potential Bonuses:
  • 7-day Bonus Counter Streak: +100 Stamina
  • Vacation Bonus: +7,5 Stamina per day2 until 14th day when it becomes 166 Stamina
  • Darts Win: 100 Stamina or +1 Stamina for every 3 total Village plays that day3


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Stamina guide Empty Re: Stamina guide

Post by Lear on Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:20 pm

Ah, thank you for catching those. Added to top post to keep things consolidated. Also added another +300 to favor to account for the possibility of double favors with the 11tails.

Btw, I *think* there is a PW item that actually allows you to go up to 222 stamina with the Vacations. However, I'm going to hold off on that until I (or someone else) can confirm. It may just be a rumor I heard or it may just be me going mad. Both are distinct possibilities.


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Stamina guide Empty Re: Stamina guide

Post by Sponsored content

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