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Invasion guide

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Invasion guide Empty Invasion guide

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 19, 2009 3:03 pm

1. Know your range. This will be different for spy,attack,bingo!
2. Check out the invasion range needed. remember you can use war paint and a Super Fog, but the Tote bonus isn't a guarantee!
3. Know your chance of success. The Wiki mission calculator under the utilities tab helps here.
4. You will have to bingo the leader to break their Ascension. There are times when the kage will have Ascension off, but it is not to be expected.
5. Bingoing its best to have completed Monochrome WE and have a full moon or Eclipsed. Then if you mess up you can have another shot.
6. 'Fire and Flames' that you can get if you are RE, is the best attack.
7. Having your chakra maxed out can make the difference in the bingo. This is only effective when chakra is not capped with Chakra Filtering.
8. Have 'Sand Coffin' just in case the chakra is capped.
9. Use Jutsu Enhancement to reduce 'Fire and Flames' and 'Sand Coffin' down as low as possible.
10. Try to get knowledge of the team the Kage is using and also note protection if possible. Double teaming with another Scripture player is a good strategy.
11. After first successful Bingo check with apples to see if it stuck. If you don't have apples, or the target has Mister Tea Lvl. 3 in his team, do the bingo again
12. Do the invasion quickly. having already taken a War Paint helps here.
13. And finally if you feel you can not make an Invasion: Don't. Someone else will be able to do it.


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